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Welcome Ladera Leopards! I have some good news and bad news……The good news is that we have a new Principal and his name is Dr. Dustin O’Malley! He is very kind, and everyone should meet him soon! The bad news is that summer is over and the holidays are right around the corner. Yikes!

Last year was my “rookie” year as the PTO President. (I learned a lot AND I am still learning!) I thought I knew everything about the PTO, but I gained new knowledge that will hopefully better serve my second year. My goal is to increase awareness and have more courage, the courage to ask for more help from others in this new year.

The areas in which the PTO supports our students is through raising funds for; the library, book fairs, the Steam Lab, robotics, performing arts, school assemblies, physical education, art, unique field trips, teacher appreciation, garden club, and we try anticipating the needs of the entire campus. I have worried about cutting programs and evaluating ways to keep them alive in the past 12 months. The bottom line is providing quality programs requires money.

Are you still reading? Hahaha.

We know that all parents are extremely busy and stretched!! Raising children, dealing with work demands, maintaining a household, and staying healthy….is not so easy. It’s a major juggling act for all families. Somehow, every day we all rise each day and grind again. We do this because it’s always about the kids!

The #1 goal is to offer our children the best of everything and this includes the highest quality of education. The PTO is a non-profit organization devoted to keeping our school strong and stellar! Can you help us? I am asking on behalf of our children.

In closing, we are fortunate to have a diverse population at Ladera. We hope this new year will be about making new friends and newfound appreciation for one another. I find it an honor to be able to volunteer and offer help. I sincerely hope you can help too.

“Together is better.”  


Mrs. T (Jin Thatcher)

Jin Thatcher 

PTO President | Mother of 4th Grader + 8th Grader | Advocate of Education | Avid Sports Fan 


Become a PTO Volunteer & Member!

Would you like to: Make a difference in education? Meet other parents? Experience a sense of pride? Share your talent and energy? Have fun doing all the above? The Ladera PTO would love to have you as a parent volunteer for the school year 2019-2020. Whether you have a few hours per year or a few hours per month you are important to us. To learn more about getting involved please email