5th Grade See’s Candy Fundraiser!!

November 1st-November 16th


(No exceptions. Orders may be turned in early, if you’re finished selling before that)

This fundraiser is to raise money for our Outdoor Ed trip in January. (The more we can sell, the less expensive our trip will be, per person.)

Good luck on your candy sales!

**The top two 5th graders with the most sales will win a $50 gift card of their choice!!

Here are a few things to remember…

  1.  You will collect money as you go (keep all cash and checks in your collection envelope).
  2.  If your customer would like to write a check, please have them write it out to your mom or dad! When you finish selling, your mom and dad will deposit the checks into their account and write ONE check for the total of all checks received. One final check should be made out to LADERA PTO.
  3.  5th graders are the only Ladera students selling. So, don’t forget to call family members that may be interested in purchasing for the holidays, mom or dad’s workplace, neighbors, etc…
  4.  Candy will be distributed the last week of November. Information on time and location will be sent to you before this date.

Any questions please email

Teresa Ledford @